Tuesday, October 3, 2023

It’s official: Amazon has taken over the MGM


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It has been almost a year since this takeover was announced, and now it has become official. The MGM film studio has become part of Amazon and its content will be available on Prime Video.


As early as last May, there was talk that Amazon would take over the MGM film studio. The then-announced merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery is being completed in a major reshuffle on the US media scene these days, and the work of merging MGM with Amazon was completed this week. Bezos paid $ 8.5 billion for the film studio and their content catalog, and will fully integrate it into its Amazon Studios company.

James Bond on Amazon Prime Video
A catalog of over 4,000 movie titles and more than 17,000 episodes of various television series will be added to Amazon Prime Video’s streaming offer. Some of the well-known titles MGM has are James Bond, The Hobbit, RoboCop, The Maid’s Tale, Rocky / Creed, The Harvard Blonde, The Voice, Survivor, Pink Panther, Fargo, Stargate‚Ķ They have won 100 awards for their achievements over the past hundred years. Emmy and 180 Oscars.




It was announced that the companies will work together to create new content. The acquisition was also approved by the European Commission.

MGM was founded in 1924 and for almost a century was known mostly as Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures and by the lion emblem that appeared at the beginning of their films and series. American International Pictures, Orion Pictures, Epix Entertainment, and United Artists currently operate as part of the study.






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