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Lost Ark gets new content and additional tweaks in March


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Korean MMO Lost Ark has recently come to life in the Western world, and the authors are already announcing new content that will enrich it, as well as some improvements that will make life easier for players.

The free MMO Lost Ark has been available in Korea for several years, and was launched last month for the rest of the world. Since it is based on a free-to-play business model, masses of curious people flocked to it, which due to the lack of servers caused long queues to enter the game, according to acquaintances who play it, even up to five hours, which reminded us of the golden days World of Warcraft.

In any case, the situation has stabilized, and the Smilegate team working on Lost Ark has announced new content that we should be able to try by the end of the month.


Lost Ark
Lost Ark


The authors are thus preparing a new episode called Kadan that covers the islands of Istera and Illusion Bamboo, and continues the main story of the search for the first Guardian. To be able to embark on a new adventure, players need to complete a chapter located on the Feiton continent and the tasks Let There Be Light on Yorn, Start of Our Story and End of the Trials, while it is recommended to have equipment above 1,100 degrees.

As new finishes, Abyss Raids is mentioned, a practical time-limited boss hunt, but unlike the Guardian Raids, which support from one player to a group of four, new raids are only possible in eight-member teams. Each Guardian will be challenged by our adventurers in three phases, each with its own mechanics as well as rewards upon successful completion.



This is not the end of the Lost Ark news story, but it will be published later, along with details of observed and corrected technical deficiencies. Regarding the weekly improvements, in a separate report, the developers say they have reduced the weight of the final content, especially the Guardian Raid and Abyss dungeons of the first and second degree, since so far the final opponents had an abnormal amount of health and although it was possible process, which you, if we look at it in everyday activities, the average player could not afford.

The authors also talked about the sellers of gold coins and bots, and pointed out that they are constantly working on improving the interface so that after player registrations, they can divide bans into accounts that meet the conditions as soon as possible. Currently, the average life of a spammer before locking the account is ten minutes on average, but the developers intend to further reduce it, while characters under the 30th stage of development will be banned from talking within a certain area if they are not in a group with other players.






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