Tuesday, April 16, 2024

iPad Pro with the M2 chip could arrive in the fall


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Apple has already introduced its new iPad Air with the M1 chip, and now it seems that a brand new iPad Pro with, also a brand new, Apple M2 chip, is on the way. According to the well-known news source related to this company, Mark Gurman, this iPad Pro should appear at some point between September and November this year and will be a very big upgrade within the new generation of iPad Pro devices.

According to Gurman, Apple presented the last big upgrade for its best line of iPad devices in 2018. During the event, the audience was introduced to a device with sharper edges, an edge-to-edge screen, and a USB-C connection.

The current iPad Pro has an M1 chipset and was introduced in May last year. So, at least a new processor is waiting for us, and a few more surprises are possible. So, everything is in line with the current pace of Apple, which has accustomed the audience to improving its portable devices about once a year and a half.

And what else could make users happy with the new Apple iPad Pro? For now, the new generation of the best iPad should probably support wireless charging through MagSafe functionality. To remind you, MagSafe was first introduced on iPhone 12 and allows charging to maximum battery capacity in about an hour and 40 to an hour and 45 minutes. So it’s not really fast charging, but it’s not bad for wireless standards either.


Some of the earlier allegations also claimed that the new Apple iPad Pro could change the design and arrive with a glass back, but it seems that Apple has given up on that idea and will deliver its new flagship tablet with aluminum back with the Apple logo.

Of course, everyone is most interested in the M2 chipset and its performance. Currently, there is no information about what exactly awaits us with this mobile processor solution. According to Mark Gourmet, the M2 chipset should be based on the same octa-core architecture as the M1, and according to him, this solution could be found in the 13-inch MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, as well as in the new iMac with a diagonal of 24 inches which are also expected later this year.

So, a lot of claims, a lot of opinions, and so far little concrete information.







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