Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Google will send airstrikes alerts to Android users in Ukraine


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Google has already highlighted the ‘Ukrainian Alarm’ app on the Google Play Store that sends notifications of airstrikes, and they have now announced the introduction of a new feature with the same purpose

Google has announced that Android users in Ukraine will receive air raid warnings directly on their smartphones before they happen. The feature was developed in collaboration with the Ukrainian government for the purpose of introducing a warning system for telephones.

“Millions of people in Ukraine are relying on air raid warnings to try to escape to safety. At the request and with the help of the Government of Ukraine, we have begun to introduce a rapid air strike warning system for Android phones in Ukraine, “said Google.


Android alerts will be based on those already sent by the government there, and Android’s vice president of engineering, Dave Burke, says the feature is designed according to a system to quickly send earthquake alerts.


“The system uses the low-latency warning mechanism that we developed for earthquake warnings,” Burke wrote on Twitter, adding that Android air strike warnings are set to be introduced over the next few days.







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