Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Ukrainians have changed the name of the game – stop for Russia


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GSC Game World has renamed its upcoming game Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl to Heart of Chornobyl and announced that it will cancel physical pre-orders in Russia.


The changes in the title refer to how Chernobyl is written in Ukrainian, and the new title can already be seen on Steam.



GSC Game World, based in Kyiv, did not comment on the change, but on March 14, the studio announced its plans to sell the game in Russia. They confirmed that the existing digital pre-orders of the game will be respected, but that they will not accept new ones, and that the sale of physical copies has been canceled, even for those who have already paid for their copies.

They added that everyone who paid for the physical copy will have to contact the stores where they pre-ordered the games.



They further clarified their decision: “There is no room for political ness where death has come. Every tax payment that goes to the Russian Federation finances the killing of our children and loved ones and the destruction of our cities. We know there are people who are aware of what is happening and support Ukraine in this war. And you will also face the impossibility of buying. Separation is not possible. ”

A few weeks ago, GSCGW announced that work on the game would be put in the background after the start of military action in Ukraine and that it would focus on helping its employees and their families survive.






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