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Samsung Smart Monitor M8: Perfect for work from home, streaming movies and series


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One of the main features of the new series, in addition to design, is the UHD resolution and SlimFit Cam. This magnetic camera makes this model ideal for video conferencing and working from home.

Samsung smart monitors were first introduced in November 2020 as a do-it-yourself monitor, designed for modern users looking for functionality and entertainment within four walls. What makes the M8 better than a traditional monitor is its support for streaming (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +…) without connecting to a computer or TV.

Samsung Smart Monitor M8
Source: Samsung

The thickness of the new model is only 11.4 mm, which makes it about three-quarters thinner than the previous models. When it comes to productivity, the Smart Monitor M8 provides the perfect home office environment without using a computer by connecting to various IT devices via an upgraded Smart Hub.

Workspace User Interface offers all the services you need to work on one screen, helping users connect wirelessly to a Windows or Mac PC and use a wide range of valuable features, including Samsung DeX, Apple AirPlay 2, and Microsoft 365 cloud service, as well as mapping content from smartphone to M8.

Samsung Smart Monitor M8
Source: Samsung

SlimFit Cam

In addition, the Smart Monitor M8 has a removable SlimFit Cam camera that can be magnetically attached to the monitor while keeping the tablespace tidy without additional cables. SlimFit Cam also has face tracking and auto-zoom functions, quickly identifying the person’s face on the screen and automatically focusing on the subject.

In other words, it can monitor and record a single speaker – the perfect option for dynamic presentation or live streaming. In addition, the monitor supports video chat apps such as Google Duo, allowing users to remotely work or participate in video conferencing at home or work using SlimFit Cam.

SmartThings Hub

The Smart Monitor M8 brings an IoT hub called the SmartThings Hub, where users can connect all their IoT devices wirelessly. The SmartThings app allows users to easily track IoT devices throughout the house with an intuitive app control panel that highlights all the information provided by other devices connected to the M8, including a light switch and power plug.

Voice commands

Equipped with a highly sensitive Far Field Voice microphone, the assistant controls devices such as Bixby and Amazon Alexa using voice commands. In addition, the microphone uses the Always-On Voice feature, which displays talk information on the screen when Bixby is activated, even if the monitor screen is off.

The screen offers customizable image technology to keep up with a wide range of monitor features, increasing viewer comfort by automatically adjusting screen brightness and color temperature. The M8 also includes a height-adjustable stand (HAS) and tilt function, allowing users to find the perfect position for any project, movie night, or shared learning.








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