Tuesday, April 16, 2024

New MSI gaming computer replaces consoles? VIDEO


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It sounds rather unusual, but the MSI computer intended for gamers only has an integrated graphics card and is intended for cloud gaming.

Although consoles like the new PlayStation and Xbox, as well as premium PCs with the top hardware, are still the dream of most gamers, we are approaching a time when hardware power will not be important at all to enjoy the strongest and best games. They will also be able to play on mobile devices, as well as on powerful computers and consoles, and the graphics and gaming experience will be the same on all these devices.

The reason why high-end games will no longer require high-end hardware and graphics is in cloud gaming services. All processors and graphics required work will take place on remote servers, and all users will need is a device connected to the Internet and a subscription to such a service.




Microsoft has already introduced the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for cloud gaming that is available to owners of their consoles, but also mobile devices and PCs. Sony is preparing a new cloud service, and Google also introduced a cloud gaming service – Stadia.

Last week, MSI introduced the MSI MAG Trident S 5M computer intended for gamers, which stands out because it does not have a separate graphics card, but only integrated AMD graphics. This gaming computer was created exclusively for playing cloud games and mobile games, ie for services such as the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, so it doesn’t even need better graphics than the integrated one.



The computer can be configured with AMD’s octa-core Ryzen 5700G processor with integrated Ryzen graphics, has two M.2 SSD slots, and up to 64GB of memory.

The company says that the computer is compatible with most gaming cloud services, and it also comes with 30 days of free use of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service. Its primary purpose is not to be used as a classic desktop computer, but as a replacement for gaming consoles.

All cloud services are integrated into MSI’s Game Stadium software, so there are also games for Android, so you can enjoy your favorite mobile games via this computer.






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