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BookBeat – more than 800,000 audiobooks and e-books

BookBeat is an extremely popular streaming service that offers the possibility of listening to more than 800,000 audiobooks as well as access to e-books, which makes it one of the best services of its kind that will satisfy even the most demanding book lovers' hunger for a good read...


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There is definitely no shortage of services that allow listening to audiobooks, and it seems that this format of enjoying many literary works is increasingly popular. BookBeat is another such service, which primarily stands out for the fact that it has more than 800,000 books in its library.

In other words, BookBeat will probably pleasantly surprise even the most hungry fans of the written word who want to consume the same word by listening to the read text in a pleasant voice and satisfy their hunger for a good read. In addition, BookBeat also offers numerous e-books in its library, which also makes it an ideal choice for book lovers.

BookBeat Player
Photo: BookBeat

Everything starts with opening a user account, and since the service is not free, you can try it for free for a month, which gives you 20 hours of listening. After that, it is necessary to pay a monthly subscription, and the available packages differ according to the number of available listening hours.


So for the Basic package you pay £5.99 per month and you get 20 hours of listening, 50 hours of listening to you get in the Standard package which costs £9.99, while in the Premium package, you get 100 hours of listening per month. Of course, in all packages, you get access to the entire library.

The application itself offers, more or less, typical options. In addition to a convenient interface, there is also an elegant way to search the entire book catalog, there are also classic management controls, then there is support for Chromecast as well as for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, there was also a sleep timer, and there is also the possibility of listening and reading books offline and much more. Either way, fans of BookBeat should definitely at least give it a try.



A well-structured app with lots of books to choose from.





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A well-structured app with lots of books to choose from.BookBeat – more than 800,000 audiobooks and e-books