Monday, October 2, 2023

The lack of chips also affects BMW


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The lack of chips has already led to the cancellation and delay of many smartphones. However, the crisis is not limited to mobile devices. It is affecting all other major industries and consumer electronics products. In fact, many carmakers have even been forced to temporarily close their factories for a few weeks due to a lack of chips.

The situation has become so bad that BMW delivers its vehicles to customers without Android Auto and CarPlay functionality and built-in Wi-Fi in selected countries.

The German carmaker was forced to change chip suppliers due to delivery problems. The new issue is that the new vendor’s chips are not currently certified for Android Auto and CarPlay, so the company had to temporarily remove this feature from its vehicles manufactured from the beginning of 2022.

To avoid further delays, BMW delivers these vehicles to customers without the mentioned functionalities. These cars are reportedly shipped to customers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, and France.


BMW has not explicitly confirmed which vehicles are missing features, but it seems that cars with “6P1” in the product code are the ones that come without Android Auto and CarPlay.

The good news is that the carmaker for automotive magazine Automotive News Europe has confirmed that it will launch a software update by the end of June at the latest to deliver Android Auto, CarPlay, and Wi-Fi functionality to the affected vehicles. While Android Auto is undoubtedly not perfect, it is far better than the competition.

The report further states that Mercedes-Benz delivers its vehicles without specific chips, unlike BMW. Mercedes-Benz will notify affected customers when the chips are in stock so they can install them in their cars at nearby authorized repairers.

Of course, other manufacturers are also affected by this problem, but they deal with the situation in their way. Some permanently remove certain functionalities, while long ones like BMW only temporarily.







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