Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Apple celebrates its 46th birthday

Today, 46 years ago, the currently most valuable company in the world was founded.


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The company from Cupertino has crowned the most valuable company on the market at the beginning of 2022. Apple briefly exceeded the market value of three trillion dollars and thus moved another “magic” limit, one of many that it has moved over the last 46 years.

Apple was founded on April 1, 1976, by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. As many know, Apple originated in a garage in Silicon Valley. Wayne was the first to leave the group, although he was remembered as the designer of the first Apple logo and instructions for the Apple I computer.

The two Steves were creative in the company and all the legendary products and services for which Apple is still known today emerged from their minds.

iMac 24 colors


Steve Jobs certainly stood out, because he was a kind of “walking show program”, but he also had great energy and ambition. Jobs, through Apple, had a vision for everyone to love the company’s products, which will be beautiful, functional, and easy to use.

From the beginning, Apple became known as a company that may not be the first to bring innovation to the market, but it is talented to present that product or function as something never seen before or improve it. Apple did not invent the “point and click” function for computers (Xerox did), but Apple popularized it. The PC mouse is not an Apple invention, but the company has managed to improve and adapt it for everyday use. Apple computers were the first to be able to print data on a hand-made monitor, created by Wozniak.

Apple slowly started to succeed, first through Apple and Lisa computers, and then completely turned the IT industry upside down with its iPod. It then became synonymous with the MP3 player.

iPhone 12
iPhone 12

It was similar with iPhone. There was a phone even before the iPhone debuted in 2007, but after the appearance of the Apple phone, the smartphone industry became completely different. Apple has redefined the smartphone market, climbed to the top, and has been there for many years.

Apple is also dominant in the tablet markets with its iPad series, the Apple Watch smartwatch series has been the sales leader for years and the company is not lagging behind in the field of PC devices with its Mac series.

Today, Apple is led by Tim Cook, who maintains Apple’s distinctive business and product and service design system, which is to find a way to improve what already exists but whose potential has not been fully exploited.







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