Tuesday, April 16, 2024

A browser you’ve never heard of is now worth a billion dollars


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Browser Island is already worth a billion dollars, just a few weeks from the official start of work. At the beginning of February, Island came out of stealth mode and has already reached the popular “unicorn” status, since the company is estimated at 1.3 billion dollars.

The complete product has been in development for over two years, but it is still one of the fastest-growing startups to reach this figure.

They were funded by Insight Partners, which previously provided capital for Shopify, Qualtrics, and DocuSign, all of which have now surpassed $ 1 billion.

Sequoia Capital, Stripes, and Cyberstarts are other companies that have invested in Island.


The main difference between Island’s Browser and similar Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge is the increased focus on cyber security. According to Island, typical Browsers are completely unsuitable for use in a business context, despite their ubiquity in the professional sphere today.

“The most widespread application in the company is the Browser, but it is a consumer-based design,” CEO Michael Fey told TechCrunch when the company went out of stealth fashion.

“The consumer wants to have infinite freedom; their goal is to be able to install whatever they want, to go wherever they want, and to do who knows what with their Browser without any problems. The company, however, wants to make sure their data is about clients being safe, that their critical information is protected and that they are getting a good experience “.







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