Tuesday, April 16, 2024

3 AI tools that actually can be useful

In recent days, many new systems that rely on artificial intelligence have been launched, some related to OpenAI, some not. Their applications are getting wider, their capabilities are getting more advanced, and their user base is getting bigger


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The exciting times of development and public availability of new tools that rely on various advanced models of artificial intelligence continue. Illustrations can now be created by anyone for free on several services, text chatbots are embedded in the world’s most popular search engines, and the user base is expanding rapidly. It is therefore no wonder that many companies, from startups to technology giants, want to “ride” this wave and launch their tools. These days, access to several new generative AI systems is open, and on this occasion, we will single out three of them, from three different areas.


Illustrations – Adobe Firefly

Competition to Midjourney, DALL-E, and similar tools was launched by the great Adobe, a specialist in image processing. Adobe Firefly will allow users to generate illustrations, just like its competitors as mentioned earlier, but the user experience will be more reminiscent of working in Photoshop. Its functions will be integrated into the Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Adobe Express services, and users will be able to work there as they are used to: mark objects, move them, and edit them, with the addition of generative AI that will create content based on text. We suggest you watch the attached video, which clearly shows how Firefly works.

Adobe Firefly, they say, will give creatives “superpowers” such as adding elements to images, expanding them, vectorizing, advanced editing, combining images, or increasing resolution, all based on simple text commands. To use this tool, you need to pre-register on the waiting list, and you need an Adobe ID to log in.


Adobe’s goal is to get a new tool for creating commercial content, so they are paying special attention to creators, who will be offered more ways to earn money. In addition, they are launching an initiative that would allow artists to mark their works with the “do not train” tag, which would prohibit systems like this from training on their works.

AI Video tool – Wonder Studio

In the domain of video content, the Wonder Studio tool of the Wonder Dynamics company, based in Los Angeles and Novi Sad, was launched. It is a tool for visual effects, which can replace professional VFX tools, and is used within the Internet browser. It is able to automatically animate elements, create and adjust CGI graphics or insert new characters instead of existing ones. We also present their rather impressive demo below.

With this tool, video professionals will no longer need to edit footage “frame by frame”, as it will allow them to apply advanced effects to the entire scene at once, using only camera footage and without advanced object tracking systems.

Programming – GitHub Copilot X

And finally, GitHub’s (i.e. Microsoft’s) programming assistant, Copilot, also got an upgrade. In its “X” version, it relies on OpenAI’s latest GPT-4 model. In addition to the fact that, like the first version of Copilot, it can help with the creation of programming code, GitHub Copilot X has also received a chat option, as well as recognition of voice commands.

From now on, developers will have an AI assistant “at every step”, which will further reduce manual and repetitive work. Thanks to the chatbot function, the new system will provide the developer with a descriptive analysis of the code and possible errors, will suggest corrections, and will be able to write pull requests independently. Anyone interested in this system can still register on the waiting list, and for now, it is not known how many programmers, and when, will get access to the new tool.






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