Tuesday, April 16, 2024

YouTube is recovering

YouTube had problems with its homepage late last night and early this morning, but the problems have now been fixed.


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The sidebar, which provides access to various elements, such as links to the channels you have subscribed to, trending videos, Library with search history, and other options, has disappeared. The problem existed on the site for several hours, according to users on Twitter.

In addition, some users had trouble playing YouTube videos on their TVs, as well as streaming on their gaming consoles.

The account menu, which allows you to change accounts, manage settings and view your own channel, was also broken. Users were still able to view video content from the homepage and from the search.

YouTube at the time had not yet announced that all issues had been resolved, but it appears that the number of user complaints has decreased in the meantime. The company pointed out that it is aware of the problems that have arisen and are working on corrections.


At around 10:30 pm, YouTube pointed out that the problem had been fixed and that users should have access to the site again, to be able to switch between accounts and navigate through all parts of the site.







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