Tuesday, April 16, 2024

YouTube adds more video quality settings to its mobile app


1 min read

YouTube has started delivering updates for its iOS and Android apps, which provide the user with a wider range of video quality options and settings.

Setting to “higher picture quality” will allow the video to look as sharp as possible. However, this will consume more resources than other options. On the other hand, the “data saver” setting will help to expand data resources, but it will affect the weaker fidelity of the image display.

The mentioned settings are connected to the existing ones, such as “Auto” which automatically adjusts the video quality depending on the connection. It is also possible to manually select the resolution up to 4K HDR, but this will have to be done for each individual video that is being watched.

YouTube has added video quality settings as a server update. The user will not have to install the latest version of the application to access the new settings, but it is recommended to get optimal performance.






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