Monday, October 2, 2023

World’s first QD-OLED TV by Samsung


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Samsung has introduced the next step in the evolution of its high-end TVs – QD-OLED technology. This technology has been known to the public since CES earlier this year, and users have now got a more detailed look at these TVs of stunning performance. In addition, it is finally known how much this new technology will cost, and customers are also allowed to pre-order these devices.

Before the price, it is time to get acquainted with all that this new technology brings.

QD-OLED TVs feature panels that combine Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology, which provides a very high screen brightness, over 1000 nits, with the best features of OLED TVs, such as perfect blacks, lightning speed, individual pixels, and theoretically infinite contrast.

In short, this panel technology consists of a Quantum Dot screen layer located below the OLED layer. The purpose of the Quantum Dot part of the screen is to emit blue light that illuminates the individual green and red pixels present in the OLED segment of the screen. This essentially converts each of these pixels into three sub-pixels, covering the RGB spectrum and creating true white light.



The TV introduced by Samsung is the S95B running the same Neural Quantum processor chip found on their Samsung Neo 8K TV. The operating system is, as expected, a new iteration of Tizen, and the audio solution supports Dolby Atmos as well as Object Tracking Sound which provides a surround effect. Finally, there is the Q-Sympathy functionality that allows simultaneous sound reproduction through internal speakers and soundbar.

Among other interesting data, there is support for

  • HDR10 +,
  • as well as 120Hz screen refresh.


So far, Samsung has not provided information on the maximum brightness of this TV, which has traditionally been the advantage of QLED screens over OLED panels.

The profile of the TV is very thin, and Samsung calls this design “LaserSlim”, which promises that this TV will take up very little space, at least in one dimension.



As of today, this TV is available for pre-order in two diagonals, 55 and 65 inches, and at prices of $2,399 and $3,499. The only other company to show TVs with the same technology is Sony, but for now, we can’t compare prices because Sony hasn’t priced its devices yet.






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