Friday, November 18, 2022

Windows 11 will stick a watermark on you if you’re using unsupported hardware


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Microsoft does not reserve watermarks only for unauthorized copies of Windows. The Verge noticed that the latest version of Windows 11 Release Preview (22000.588) brings a watermark to the desktop if you use a workaround to run the operating system on unsupported hardware. Try and see the “system requirements not met” notification asking you to visit settings to learn more. Fortunately, however, there do not seem to be any limitations to the functions.

The company began testing the watermark in versions of Windows 11 released in February. Its inclusion in the preview version indicates that Microsoft is ready to issue a warning in the near future in an official, official software update.




Windows 11 officially requires an 8th generation Intel Core CPU or AMD chip based on Zen + or Zen 2 architecture. Many believe the shutdown is arbitrary and have used Microsoft-approved registry settings to bypass CPU validation and install the OS without a denial message. Microsoft has warned that it may not provide updates for these computers, but the software should still work.

In practice, this purely cosmetic label is more of a disclaimer than a deterrent or a reminder that Microsoft will not help you if the software behaves badly on an unsupported machine.

However, if it was easy for you to bypass the CPU check at the time, you probably won’t have a problem removing this watermark.






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