Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Windows 11 new feature: Search engine in the middle of the desktop


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In the new Windows, Microsoft is still actively testing various new add-ons that should improve the user experience. The latest “stunt” is placing the search box on your desktop.

The latest version of Windows 11 that can be used by those logged in to the Insider program has intrigued many. Namely, in this preview version (Windows 11 build 25120 in the Dev channel), an Internet search box appeared in the middle of the Windows desktop. As in any other address bar of any Internet browser, it is possible to enter the desired term in this field, and it will immediately take you to search results, or enter the desired URL, which will direct the user’s browser to the entered address.

It can also be turned off
Since this is Microsoft’s OS, and they have both an Internet browser and a search engine under their roof, it’s clear to you where this story is heading. Once you enter an address or other term in the field on the desktop, the requested action will take place in – Microsoft Edge. When it comes to searching the Internet, Google Bing will be used, of course.

This field will be activated by Edge and Bing regardless of which browser and which search engine are set as the default in the operating system.


If you don’t like (for now as an Insider, and later maybe as an “ordinary” user of Windows 11) this kind of search engine accommodation, Microsoft has predicted that it can be turned off. This is done through a contextual pop-up menu (right-click on the desktop). For now, the Edge / Bing desktop search engine will only be for insiders, and if it proves well accepted, it may end up in a stable version of Windows 11 in free distribution.







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