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Will the Samsung S25 have a dedicated processor?


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Samsung plans to make its Exynos processors “dedicated”. That is, turn to more optimization and less raw power. It all comes with the Galaxy S25 series.

Right at the beginning, many of you are wondering what a “dedicated processor” is. You know how Apple has great apps that run superbly on the iOS platform. That is, on the iPhone model, which has only 4GB of RAM.

While the same applications “hiccup” a bit on the Android platform, ie on the Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone with 12GB of RAM? The answer lies in the “dedicated processor”, ie Apple A Bionic is a dedicated processor, simply put, it is “taught” to good optimization and not so much to raw power, raw performance.

Of course, the South Korean giant and Apple’s biggest competitor Samsung haven’t learned that so far. Although it is far ahead of everyone in some spheres, it is not so much in terms of processors.


It looks like all this will change with the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S25 line of smartphones on the market. They will have a dedicated processor whose main task will be quality optimization over raw performance.

Samsung Exynos Processor Chip
Source: Samsung

It will still be about Exynos processors, but as they say with the arrival of the Galaxy S25 line, these Exynos processors should be significantly improved. Now some analysts doubt that Samsung is able to significantly improve its own Exynos processors to the point that they become “dedicated processors” or add more to optimization than crude performance.

On the other hand, it is said that Samsung is not ready to equip the entire production chain of the Samsung Galaxy S line of smartphones (in this case Galaxy S25) with Exynos processors.

Which would mean Snapdragon is going down in history, but we doubt it. What we still want to say is that for a reason not the ability to create Exynos processors for the entire Galaxy S line with that reason Samsung is releasing Snapdragon and Exynos Galaxy S models, in parallel.

There are many features that Exynos leaves behind Snapdragon. In the foreground is the durability (autonomy) of the battery and there is talk of overheating the smartphone. All this is still at the level of “told the story” and the rumors themselves.

Therefore, they should be taken with great reserve and a dose of caution. What we are glad to see is that Samsung has finally decided to look to Apple in one detail and that is optimization.

What Apple has been doing for years, that is, since its beginnings and the first iPhone smartphone. All this sounds great “on paper” but we will wait for more information to arrive to really see what Samsung is preparing with the Galaxy S25 line, we hope that a truly dedicated processor will come to life at Samsung as well.







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