Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Widgetshare – share photos with friends through widgets


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Instead of using the classic photo sharing mechanisms, whether it’s direct sharing or through already suitable applications, Widgetshare allows images to be sent to each other and displayed through specially designed widgets…

Widgetshare is a potentially interesting app that wants to change the way we share photos with friends and family. Namely, everyone will be able to generate a custom widget that they can place on the home screen of their smartphone, and then send a photo to that widget at any time.

The whole thing is pretty easy to use, and it all starts with creating a new widget in the app that will get a unique ID. It must be sent to friends or family members who will then create a widget with the obtained ID through Widgetshare.

Widget photo share


It remains to add it to the home screen and photo sharing can begin. The key advantage of Widgetshare is the fact that it works neatly on both Android and iPhone, but also that it is really easy to use. Although there are not many additional possibilities so far, it already offers some practical things, and according to the author’s announcements, there should be more in the future.

So it is possible to view the history of received photos together with the option to download the ones you want to keep, images can be sent from the gallery or directly from the camera (there are some basic tools to decorate images), and there is no limit to the number of people widget can share. To make matters even better, everything is free.






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