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Who dominates the market: Android or iOS?


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According to research conducted by StockApps, iOS has been gaining in popularity in the last four years and has taken a good chunk of Android’s global OS market share. However, Android is still the undisputed king of the market.

In 2018, Android had a 77.32% market share, while this year it is estimated that 69.74% of devices in the world use Android. That’s a drop of almost 8% in four years. In contrast, iOS rose from 19.4% to 25.49% over the same period.

market dominance of smartphone operating systems
Source: Statista

There could be many reasons for that, but the most obvious is that Apple has significantly expanded its offer of smartphones and tablets. The company has released four leading iPhones instead of two in recent years and has also introduced two new iPhone SE devices (2020 and 2022). As we can see from market share data, providing more choice to customers even at lower prices certainly has an effect.

However, Apple will hardly surpass Android for one simple reason – the nature of Android’s open-source. Only Apple devices are sold with iOS while Android can be implemented on a variety of devices, not just smartphones, and tablets. Also, despite Apple’s efforts to expand its iOS device portfolio, Android still has diversity on its side, with smartphones ranging from $ 100 to $ 1,000 and even more or even cheaper.


There is also the dominance of Android in markets where iPhones are much more expensive than their competitors (mostly in less developed countries). South America and Africa are just two examples, as these two markets had only about 10% of iOS users. In contrast, in North America, Apple has more than half the market share.







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