Thursday, May 25, 2023

WhatsApp: emoji reactions

WhatsApp users can now react with emojis.


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WhatsApp has announced that it is adding emojis reactions to its chat app, which will allow users to express their reactions and feelings when a particular message is in question, all without the need to send individual emojis as a message.

Although the company announced the reactions with its new function for communities, the official of Meta pointed out that the reactions will be available for all conversations, when they are published, which will happen soon.

The feature will initially be relatively limited and will offer reactions with just six emojis, but it has been added that more emojis, as well as skin tones, will be supported in the future.


In addition, WhatsApp has announced that it will allow users to share much larger files, so the maximum size of shared files will be 2GB, instead of the current 100MB. Also, the number of people who can be in a gas call at the same time has increased, from eight to 32.







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