Friday, September 29, 2023

Video games that will enter the Hall of Fame this year


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Like every year, the Game Museum selects the best of the best in the Video Game Hall of Fame. These are this year’s winners.

Ever since the World Video Game Hall of Fame was founded within the Museum of Games in New York in 2015, every year it includes video games that have marked the scene with their significance and popularity.

This year, four video games received the honor – Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Ms. Pac-Man, Dance Dance Revolution, and Sid Meier’s Civilization.


As they explained when announcing the results, the video game Ocarina of Time has won several awards since it was released in 1998. She is especially praised for the story itself, the exceptional 3D world, complex tasks, and combat mechanics. Today’s video game developers often refer to this game as inspiration for their current games.

The game Civilization, by Sid Meyer, is one of the most influential simulations and strategy games of all time, they point out in the Hall of Fame video games. Thanks to the large number of opportunities that the player can use during the game, Civilization has provided each player with a unique experience.

Dance Dance Revolution launched a whole category of music games and opened the door for hits like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. From the very beginning, it was extremely popular all over the world, and it was played by everyone – from the youngest to the oldest.

Ms. Pac-Man was created from the original and well-known game Pac-Man, and in addition to new characters, it also provided players with more sophisticated labyrinths, new opponents and challenges. It is also Ms. Pac-Man is considered the first widely recognized female main character in video games.

By the way, the Game Museum, which launched the Video Game Hall of Fame, points out that this year’s finalists were Assassin’s Creed, Candy Crush Saga, Minesweeper, NBA Jam, Resident Evil, Rogue and Words with Friends.







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