Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Vanced developers: here is their explanation


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Although the story of the YouTube Vanced app (later just Vanced) seems to have mostly ended after the app was shut down, the people behind this project obviously needed to make a statement, as a lot of speculation quickly spread through the networks.

There were several rumors about the disappearance of the application, so on Saturday, the team behind Vanced published an article on the blogging platform Telegra.ph called “Vanced Discontinuation”. They allegedly needed to explain to everyone who “has trouble understanding the reason” why the application was abandoned.

The announcement dismissed rumors that Vanced had been suspended for reasons related to NFT or anything similar, and also claimed that the removal had nothing to do with allegations of piracy or problems with adblocking. In addition, in response to rumors that Vance is a Russian developer, the post states that “none of the team members are in Russia or Ukraine, nor do they have any ties to those countries.”



The Vanced also denied that their application had any “illegal” features, and then stated, among other things, what the people behind the application said were the “real” reasons for raising their hands:


The Vanced was terminated for “legal reasons” because it violated the logo and brand law of the original YouTube application because the logo resembles the original logo in a similar way and was used without Google’s prior permission to use the brand. We were asked to remove all links for the distribution of any Vanced app, which resulted in the decision to discontinue it. ”


The statement further states that the team behind Vanced will never reveal the application’s source code to the public. “It could cause us serious complications.” Also, forget that you can download the app again at any time. All Vanced download links have been deleted, and the team says that alternative methods of downloading their version of the app cannot help either.

Vanced concluded, begging disappointed fans of the application, not to attack anyone for shutting it down and to warn them of any false information.

So, the original Vanced is definitely dead, peace be upon him. Or instead – the code.






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