Tuesday, April 16, 2024

V Rising game had better sales than Steam Deck on Steam


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After weeks of dominance by Steam Deck, which is still selling well, game V Rising, which started with early access last week, has risen to the top of the weekly list of best-selling titles on Steam.

The Stunlock Studio’s team has obviously hit the taste of the players with their V Rising, which they announced last Tuesday via the early access program on Steam. Although not perfect, which is logical considering that this is not a final version, 87 percent of the players over ten thousand who expressed their opinion on the game’s pages think that the developers are on the right track and that V Rising is well worth playing.

The story itself puts us in the role of a vampire who has spent too much time underground hiding from enemies, and the time has come to collect old debts and rise up the hierarchical ladder. In addition to playing solo, the game comes with a kind of MMO component that allows you to play together with other players and explore this Gothic world composed of dense forests, plains, mountain ranges, and dark caves that hide many challenges and valuable resources.

We need the latter, along with ancient technologies, to gain dark powers, rebuild the castle, and strengthen it along the way to protect ourselves from rivals. Of course, we also need diligent hands to rebuild, and we will find them in the form of NPCs that will turn into loyal servants through well-known blood-drinking. You can see more details about the game in the video below.









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