Thursday, December 9, 2021

Users “forced” Google to return an important feature to Maps

For better or worse, sometimes online communities have the power to move mountains – or, in this case, incredibly large corporations. After a long absence, Google decided to return the compass in Maps on Android.


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In a support post noticed by Android Police, Google says that it decided to return the compass because of the “huge support” that users showed for the return of this function.

Once you download the latest version of Map, 10.62, you will see that the widget appears when you start navigating somewhere.



When Google originally removed the compass in early 2019, it said it did so to “clear the navigation screen.” The irony of all this is that the company did not do something similar on iOS.

On the iPhone and iPad, the compass was there all the time, while its Android counterpart was not in action.

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