Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Updating Spotify is causing problems for some Android users

In the last few days, Android users of the Spotify app have been reporting issues with the latest update.


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According to reports, the usual playback bar at the bottom of Spotify for Android is disappearing, which means that the app does not recognize that something is playing.

When a problem occurs, there is also no notification for the Android OS notifying the user that the media is playing. Due to this problem, some things are possible that were not possible before, such as listening to a song on Spotify while playing a YouTube video at the same time.

So the phone will not recognize that some content is already going and pause one, but will play both at the same time.

The exact cause of this bug has yet to be revealed, although Spotify has publicly acknowledged the problem and requested additional information from those affected by the problem.


So far, most of the problems were on Android 12 devices, which means that most of those with the problem were on Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel phones, although there have been reports of problems with Spotify playback on OnePlus devices.

The simplest solution to this would be to install an older version of Spotify, but since Spotify does not allow its application to be uploaded to application archiving websites, it would be safer to wait for the company to release a new update in the coming weeks.

If you haven’t updated the app, don’t do it.







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