Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Ukrainians have created a game that attacks Russian sites

The game playforukraine.life was created to help block Russian military online resources.


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Ukrainian IT specialists have created an online game in an Internet browser, with the aim of helping in the fight against Russian military action against Ukraine. The game is designed so that every move of the player brings Russian sites even closer to being blocked.


The game is based on the famous 2048 game – a numerical “puzzle” game that requires only a basic knowledge of arithmetic. Thanks to the simple mechanics, the game is also available for the younger population.


It is pointed out that one player can send about 20,000 requests during one hour of playing, in order to block the sites that serve the Russian army. A specific list of these sites has not been published for security reasons.

“Our main goal is sites that serve the Russian army. We do not want to reveal specific goals to the enemy, so the list of sites has not been published. We are also working on tasks for the Ukrainian IT ARMY,” say the creators of the game.



It is stated that the game is not dangerous for the user’s internet browser and that it relies on a constant series of automatic flows in order for Russian sites to attack and crash.






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