Tuesday, April 16, 2024

U.S. ISPs will have to block websites for illegal IPTV streaming

According to three verdicts in similar lawsuits, there could be a big change in the US Internet market - all service providers will have to dynamically block illegal services


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In recent days, three independent court rulings have been handed down in the United States in cases of copyright infringement through illegal Internet IPTV streaming.

In all these lawsuits, the winners were the plaintiffs, ie the copyright holders of various film and television content, TorrentFreak reports, and the total compensation determined by the court to be paid to the injured parties is $23 million.

A big strike to IPTV pirates
Such judgments are not something new in the US legal system, but what now stands out as a precedent is an addition that stands in all of them. Namely, the judges also stated in the verdicts that Internet service providers in the USA will be obliged to block access to the websites against which the verdict was passed. In addition, they will have to dynamically adjust their filters and block all future pirated IPTV sites that the accused will run in the future.

For this block, US ISPs such as T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T will use all available technological means, the courts say. In this block, all included addresses, as well as those that subsequently appears, will have to be treated so that they cannot be accessed. Users who attempt to do so will need to be redirected through the DNS provider to a site controlled by the plaintiff – which usually states that the domain has been blocked for copyright infringement.


This is the first time that the US justice system has dealt such a blow to convicted copyright infringers, even though the legal basis for such blocking has been in place for ten years.







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