Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Twitter has a secret inbox


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Direct messages (DM) on Twitter contain a secret cache, which is hidden behind the privacy settings of the service.

For many users, finding this option means discovering a hidden inbox with a number of important messages that they may have missed, because Twitter for some reason did not provide insight into them.

Twitter has several different privacy settings for instant messaging. To customize them, click on the DM icon on Twitter and select the settings icon (gear) in the upper right corner of the screen. There are several settings that need to be approved in order to create a secret inbox.

First, you need to check the “Allow message requests from anyone” option, because otherwise you will not be able to receive spam messages (or what Twitter thinks is spam) and which are stored in a separate DM folder.


After that, make sure you have disabled the “Filter low-quality messages” option. You may have disabled this option a long time ago without even knowing it. If so, then you have been using the “secret” inbox all along.

If this option is checked for you, it is probably the easiest way to access and read the messages you missed. Scroll to the end and click the “Show” button to see additional messages, some of which have been blocked by Twitter because they are offensive.

Here you will see all the messages that Twitter hid from you. If you wish, you can uncheck the “Filter low-quality messages” box in the settings to link these messages to regular Twitter messages.








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