Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Twitter begins testing Circle


2 min read

Twitter has started testing Circles as a new feature. You can think of Twitter Circle as the equivalent of a “Close Friends” list on Instagram (which is very popular).

The rules:

When you tweet to your circle, only those you add to your circle will be able to see and respond to your tweets.

Twitter has posted a new Help Center page explaining everything about the Twitter Circle. It’s not the same as Twitter communities, and it’s not the same as having a protected account (where only those who are allowed can see your Tweets).


Currently, you can only have one circle, and the number of people in a circle is limited to 150 users. Only you can see the complete list of users in your circle, and tweets shared in the circle cannot be tweeted again.

While Circle restricts who can see specific Tweets, that doesn’t stop them from sharing media or screenshots of your content again and again.

Finally, if you are added to a circle, you cannot remove it. Twitter recommends silencing conversations they don’t want to participate in.

Twitter is only testing this feature with some users globally. To see if you’re part of a test group, you should see the option to create a circle pop-up when you compose a Tweet on Android, iOS, or Twitter.com.

Anyone can be part of a circle, even those you don’t follow, and only those in your circle can see, reply to, and read responses to your Tweet when you post them to your circle.







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