Tuesday, April 16, 2024

“Twitter algorithm should be open source”

In his first public comments (which are not tweets) since the beginning of the Mask saga on Twitter, this billionaire addressed the question of why he wants to buy the company and what are the changes he would like to introduce.


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“Twitter has become a kind of de facto town square,” he said again.

“It’s just important that people have both a reality and a perception that they can speak freely within the law.”

Regarding specific changes, Musk said Twitter should make its algorithms open-source and minimize the interventions it takes in moderating content.

“All the changes in people’s tweets must be obvious. So that everyone can see what actions have been taken so that there is no kind of manipulation behind the scenes, either through algorithms or manually,” Musk said.


He added that the basic code behind the algorithm should be available on GitHub so that users can view it themselves. Open source means just that, everyone could see how it was written.

Musk also spoke about his philosophy of moderating content, that is, there should be very little of it.

He reiterated several times that he would like to allow any speech that is legal and does not like measures like permanent bans.

Those comments are unlikely to be well-received among Twitter employees, some of whom have reportedly been extremely concerned about the possibility of Mask joining the board or gaining any control over the platform.







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