Sunday, October 1, 2023

Total War Warhammer III game exclusively available for Apple M1 chips


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Total War Warhammer III is one of the first games to arrive on macOS and only supports Apple chips.

During 2020, Apple changed the way it creates MacBook devices, switching from Intel x86 processors to its own ARM-based Apple Silicon.

MacOS games, which support exclusively Apple Silicon, are now beginning to be developed. One of them is Total War Warhammer III.

Feral Interactive has ported Total War Warhammer III to macOS, and this version of the game is optimized for Apple Silicon. The game will not be able to run on older Mac models that use Intel chips and is only available for 2020 Macs or newer computers, with an Apple M1 or newer chip.

Apple M1 Chip
Source: Apple

Interestingly, this means that Total War Warhammer III is unplayable on Apple’s premium Mac Pro computers. The company has yet to move its Mac Pro systems to Apple Silicon, which means they still use Intel processors.

However, it is believed that it is only a matter of time before Apple Mac Pro systems will switch to new processors based on Apple Silicon.







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