Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Top 5 Ways How Manufacturers “Lie” to You

How manufacturers try to sell us phones are really ingenious, but for the purpose of promotion, they often use "lies." And these are the top 5 ways manufacturers make you buy their products.


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Method 1 – Screen resolution

Screen resolution

You often write us with angry comments like, “How does my new phone have the same resolution as a five-year-old device?” But all this is for a reason, and the reason is that it is almost impossible to notice the difference between, for example, FHD + resolution and QHD +. Therefore it makes no sense to implement such a high resolution. The only difference you will feel will be the battery life, as QHD + requires a lot more power.

Method 2 – Screen brightness


Another way you are attracted is the number of nits, i.e., your screen’s brightness level. Everything above 500 nits is solidly visible in the sun, but that is not a problem.

The advertised peak number of threads does not mean that the number is constant throughout the screen, but only in perfect conditions with a dark background and one bright spot. Only this point can be illuminated to the advertised peak value.

Method 3 – Number of cameras

How often have you heard the term “108 MP QUAD CAMERA”, but in reality, you have one camera with a 108 MP sensor, while the other three sensors are only 2 MP depth sensor, 2 MP macro camera, and possibly 8 MP wide-angle sensor.

It seems that the manufacturers have figured out our psychology, i.e., striving for more without any basis. Don’t fall for such tricks!


Method 4 – Charging speed

Another question that has been asked lately is how we got as much as 150 W from the 15 W charging speed and why 150-watt chargers don’t charge the battery ten times faster than 15 W.


Well, the answer is pretty simple, all those astronomical charging speeds you will feel in the range from 0% to 50%, but then astronomically fast charging stops. The rest of the battery capacity is charged at speeds of about 20W because otherwise, the batteries would be destroyed in a short time.

Method 5 – The number of megapixels

Going back to the 108 MP sensor mentioned above, when you hear that number, you mostly think, “wow, great camera,” right? Well, it doesn’t have to mean that.

The final quality of the camera is much more influenced by: the sensor, the quality of the lens, and the chip. So do not fall for just the numbers; examine these items and good luck in choosing a future phone 😀







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