Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Top 10 Myths About Smartphones 🤦🏻‍♂️

People say many things about smartphones. Some are true, others are nonsense. As usual, the truth is somewhere in between.


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1. It is better not to update the phone as this slows it down

Incorrect. German expert Stefan Herget recommends users regularly update their phones in order to enable new functions and protect themselves from security vulnerabilities.

Although older devices may, in rare cases, slow down due to updates, there is no other way to strengthen security settings.



2. Every smartphone should get wet, even those that do not have IP protection

It depends on the amount of moisture. A few drops will not harm a smartphone, Herget claims.

The IP code protects the phone from the ingress of dust and water, so all modern smartphones are to some extent protected. But if your phone falls into water, it may stop working normally despite IP protection.


3. High resolution means good camera quality

Incorrect. The quality of photos taken with modern smartphones does not depend on the number of megapixels, but on the quality of lenses, sensors, and other technical components, Herget explains.

In addition, camera software plays an increasing role in image quality, especially when shooting in the dark or in low light conditions.



4. The battery must be fully discharged before connecting the phone to charging

Incorrect. This thesis dates back to the time when batteries were mostly made of nickel-cadmium. Today’s lithium-ion batteries should be recharged before they are completely discharged.

Stefan Herget recommends that the battery not be released below 20% of capacity, because complete discharge can damage it.


5. Airplane mode should be included in the plane, otherwise it may crash

Incorrect. Airplane passengers should really turn off their phones or set them to airplane mode, not because they could cause the plane to crash, but because they can interfere with airplane radio communication.


6. Using the phone during a storm attracts lightning

Incorrect. There is not enough metal in the smartphone to attract lightning.


7. If we don’t reset the phone regularly, it will become slower

Incorrect. Unlike desktops, smartphones don’t have to shut down regularly because their operating systems are designed for continuous use, says Herget.



8. Using the phone at a gas station can cause an explosion

Incorrect. Warnings about the possibility of a fire caused by using the phone when refueling, which we can see at gas stations, exist because the fuel is flammable.

For example, a fire may occur if the phone is damaged when the phone is dropped. However, Stefan Herget recommends that we put our phones in our pockets while refueling.


9. If we turn off apps when we are not using them, we will speed up the operation of the smartphone and save battery

It depends on our age and our habits of using the device. Modern smartphones slow down applications on their own to save battery, Herget explains.

Therefore, applications should not be shut down. Moreover, if we do not turn off the applications that we use regularly, we can save the battery, because in that case, they do not have to restart constantly. But still, it makes sense to turn off apps on older devices.


10. It is possible to pick up a virus on a smartphone via SMS

Incorrect. Viruses cannot be transmitted in this way, says Herget. However, criminals can send a link via SMS to a smartphone that leads to sites that can steal your data or download malicious software.







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