Tuesday, April 16, 2024

The show goes on: Musk is now asking Twitter followers if he should step down as head of Twitter

All important decisions about the future of the social network should be made by the users themselves, by answering surveys on Musk's profile. The first such question was about the future of the network owner himself


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We have already written about the spontaneous way of running Twitter, since Elon Musk took it over, several times, and a few times ago we asked the question “Will all key decisions be made by users through polls on Musk’s profile?”. We got an answer to that question very quickly…

Musk, after actively following the final of the World Cup and tweeting about it, announced that in the future, all important decisions on Twitter will be decided by polls. Immediately afterward, he put one big question in the poll: “Should I step down from the top position of Twitter? I will respect the results of this poll”.

At the time of this writing, more than 14 million users have answered his question, with a current score of 57:43 in favor of the answer “Yes”. In a similar way, through the voice of the public, Musk brought Trump back to Twitter, then unblocked numerous previously suspended accounts, and recently unblocked some journalists who allegedly disclosed his location to the public in real-time.



Not long after the survey, Musk tweeted “Be careful what you wish for, it might come true” – but he did not clarify whether this was a message addressed to himself, or to the users who answer his survey. In discussions with some users, he wrote that his job is currently not wanted by anyone whose goal is to keep Twitter alive and that it is a big personal sacrifice. You have to be ready to invest everything you have, love pain, and ultimately lead a company that has been rushing towards bankruptcy since May – this is the “job description” he offered to the well-known IT expert and podcaster Lex Fridman when he offered to run Twitter for free.







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