Tuesday, April 16, 2024

The new iPad Air users are complaining en masse about the build quality

As this is a problem that has obviously affected many users, an official statement from Apple is expected soon.


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Apple unveiled a new iPad Air in early March powered by the company’s M1 chip. Since the new processor had been expected for a long time, interested customers immediately rushed in to be very disappointed in the end.

Although the internal components have undergone a significant upgrade, it seems that the same cannot be said for the quality of the device itself. Reddit continues to receive complaints about the noticeably thinner aluminum case that creaks under your fingers, the easy bending of the screen, and the “hollow feeling” in your hand.

“I ordered and received two blue iPad Air 2022 today and I’m a bit shocked. The aluminum backplate is a lot thinner than on the iPad 4 which I also have. You can almost feel the battery through the plate when you hold the device. “wrote one dissatisfied Reddit user.


iPad Air 2022 unibody quality worse than iPad Air 2020 from apple



It didn’t take long for similar comments to arrive, and some users even posted videos of squeaks as proof of their claims.

“If you lightly press the back of the device with your fingers, you can hear it creak. So, you will hear a squeak in the normal use of the iPad Air “, one user pointed out. Despite numerous comments, reviews of the new iPad did not mention the poorer quality of workmanship.

But with a really high number of complaints, the Cupertino-based technology giant is expected to address the issue soon.






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