Friday, September 29, 2023

The Microsoft Classroom Pen 2 is the best Surface Pen for students


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Microsoft is releasing a new stylus for classroom use, the Classroom Pen 2. The pen will be available on April 27th and will be sold directly to schools.


Microsoft Classroom Pen 2
Microsoft Classroom Pen 2 / Microsoft

The company launched its first Classroom Pen in 2019. That stylus sold for $39.99 per unit. It was compatible with any device that supported the MPP protocol.

Microsoft is going even more budget with this release. The Pen 2 will be sold to schools in packs of 20 for $399.80, which works out to $19.99 per pen. It seems like this pen may only be optimized for Microsoft’s own Surface Pro and Surface Go devices, other Windows devices aren’t mentioned.






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