Friday, September 29, 2023

The Lapsus$ hacker group are actually teenagers, and now they are arrested


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The hacker group that recently attacked Nvidia and Microsoft is made up of several minors and is led by a 16-year-old, British police have concluded, arresting the main suspects.

Hacking has become a popular “sport” among youth this year. The hacker group Lapsus $, which attacked Nvidia, Samsung, Ubisoft, Vodafone, and last weekend Microsoft, was also led by a teenager.

He is allegedly an autistic 16-year-old from Oxford, Britain, who organized and led hacker attempts at blackmail related to stolen data. A group of hackers, also teenagers, from South America, most likely from Brazil, cooperated with him.



Earned 300 bitcoins

The British “mastermind” of the entire operation, according to data obtained by the BBC, has so far collected around 300 bitcoins (or almost $14 million) through its activities. London police confirmed that they had arrested seven people aged 16 to 21, linked to the Lapsus $ team, but gave no further details. All of them were released after the arrest to defend themselves, but they are still under investigation.

The Oxford leader of online hackers introduced himself as White or Breachbase. His father told the British media that he had never heard anything from him about hacking, but he knew his son was “very good with computers”. “I always thought he was just playing games. We’ll try to stop him from being on the computers,” he said.

Investigators told that this teenager is so skilled and fast in hacking, that at first, they thought they were watching an automated process. But it turns out that his group, although skilled in breaking into other people’s systems, did not worry too much about covering the trail – Microsoft revealed.


Earlier, we wrote that they even advertised on social networks that they were looking for people from large companies to help them break into large computer systems. The fall of the group allegedly occurred when one of the members out of displeasure exposed (doxxao) the British leader on a hacker forum, revealing his name, address, and photos from social networks.









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