Thursday, June 24, 2021

The iPhone 13 mini prototype appeared on the photo

Last week we had a chance to see renderings of the iPhone 13 mini, which showed a slightly different design of the camera system on the back. The latest photo, which shows the iPhone 13 mini prototype live, confirms that the phone will have diagonally positioned camera sensors.

It should be noted that the photo shows a prototype of the device and that Apple is months away from the start of mass production of the iPhone 13 series, so this design may not be final. If the Cupertino-based company opts for this design, it could be applied to the larger iPhone 13 model.


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This is confirmed by earlier CAD renders, while the two iPhone Pro models should retain the same camera design (because the module must house three cameras and a LiDAR sensor).

The reason for changing the design of the camera module on the iPhone 13 mini (and probably the standard iPhone 13 model) could be that Apple wants to implement a larger sensor for taking photos and recording videos.

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