Saturday, March 25, 2023

The first major system update for the PlayStation 5 provides interesting features


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Sony has released a new software update for the PlayStation 5, which is the first major system update the console has received. The company has confirmed that the update comes with support for USB storage and a number of new social features.

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However, in addition to this, some new features that were not previously announced were discovered. There is an HDR change, which allows the PlayStation 5 to automatically turn off the HDR output when non-HDR content is detected.





In addition, new HDMI-CEC functions come with this update. There’s One-Touch Play that automatically turns on the user’s TV and switches to the appropriate input when the PS5 turns on. It is also possible to turn on the Power Off Link separately, which will put the PS5 in “rest mode” when the display connected to the console is turned off.

Sony has also added 120Hz support for 1080p PC monitors, so gamers can take advantage of higher frame rates if they have a monitor that supports high refresh rates.

All of the above comes in addition to the main feature, which is implemented with the latest update, and that is support for an external USB storage post that will allow PlayStation 5 users to switch their games between PS5 SSDs and compatible USB drives.






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