Tuesday, April 16, 2024

The first DDR5 memory with fans arrives


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GeIL plans to become the first manufacturer to launch DDR5 memory modules with active cooling.

Although DDR5 memory is more efficient in terms of consumption compared to DDR4, this does not mean that high-speed DDR5 modules will produce less heat compared to DDR4. It is true that DDR5 works at lower voltages than DDR4, but other factors can also lead to heating of high-speed memory modules.

GeIL Evo V DDR5 2
Source: GeIL

That’s why GeIL has decided to offer customers custom “titanium gray” or “glacier white” heat conductors with RGB lighting and two integrated fans as part of its new EVO V DDR5 RGB series DRAM module.

GeIL Evo V DDR5 1
Source: GeIL

The mentioned fans compress the air around the heat conductors, in order to keep the memory cooled during the load. With this advanced cooling solution, GeIL hopes to maintain its modules at ideal thermal levels, which also increases the potential for overclocking this memory.

GeIL EVO V DDR5 RGB memory will be available from July with speeds from 4800 MT / s to 6600 MT / s and in capacities of 32GB (2 x 16GB) and 64GB (2 x 32GB).







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