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The best wallpaper apps for Android phones


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In general, a large number of users pay attention to the appearance of their screen, the layout of the icons, etc. One of the unavoidable items in this regard is the background of the screen also known as wallpaper.

The famous portal Android Authority recently made a list of the best wallpaper Android apps. We have slightly adjusted this list: added some and removed some, and below we bring you a list of the best wallpaper apps for Android.


Walli Wllpaper App

The Walli app is one of the two most popular. This app offers a wide selection of wallpapers, which are classified into different categories, such as art, people, nature, etc.



Backdrops App

In addition to Walley, people also very often use backgrounds from the Backdrops app. It is a very popular application that offers different categories of wallpapers. The app is updated every day and has the category “Background of the day”. By simply clicking on the heart next to the wallpaper name, you add the wallpaper to your favorites list.


Abstruct Wallpaper App

Abstruct is one of the newer apps, authored by Hampus Ollson. He is a man who creates all the backgrounds for smartphones from the Chinese company OnePlus. This application contains a variety of abstract backgrounds in a variety of colors and currently has over 350 backgrounds and all in 4K resolution.


Unslplash Wallpaper App


Just like Abstruct, Resplash app is one of the newer ones. It has a simple user interface and a ton of backgrounds, all recorded in high resolution, so it will be more than enough for any phone screen. It also has some interesting features.

Vectorify da home

Vectorify da home App

Vectorify da home is an app that uses vector graphics for backgrounds. Basically, here you choose the color, style, etc.

Google Wallpapers

Google Wallpapers App

As its name suggests, it is Google’s wallpaper application. Although there is not such a large selection of wallpapers, it is a simple and beautifully tailored application, which also offers various functions, such as automatic wallpaper setting every day, etc.


WalP App

For example, if you are a Samsung user and you like Apple wallpapers, or vice versa, this is the right application for you. WalP offers wallpapers of almost all smartphone manufacturers, such as Samsung, Apple, Oppo, Sony, etc.







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