Thursday, May 25, 2023

The Apple Watch does not get a blood pressure monitor until 2024

Apple with some features on the Apple Watch is a few years late, while the competition has been the same for years.


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Apple has spoken out about implementing a single feature (simple feature) on its next-generation smartwatches. It is about installing a blood pressure monitor in future versions of the Apple Watch smartwatch.

We all know how it usually happens with Apple that some features are lagging behind the competition. This is not only the case with smartphones but also with smartwatches.

The company immediately states that the reason for not coming to the blood pressure monitor is the fault of the parts supplier. It is not their fault, but the suppliers of the parts are to blame, more precisely “stuck” in the part of the glucose meter.

We have to say that Samsung has long had a blood pressure monitor on its Galaxy Watch smartwatch and Apple still doesn’t have that on its current Apple Watch 7 smartwatch model.


As things stand now, Apple will not implement a blood pressure monitor in the next generation of the Apple Watch, but rumors say that this will not happen until 2024. Precisely for the reason that the components are late, of course, not through Apple’s fault, as they say.

These allegations support the fact that they want to implement a glucose measurement feature in the Apple Watch, which Samsung Galaxy Watch models do not have. However, in order not to make everything so black, Apple stated that the arrival of the Apple Watch 8 model will bring the possibility of measuring body temperature.

It is announced that the arrival of WatchOS 9 in September this year will bring some features that will be improved and newcomers so that the arrival of new health monitoring sensors in the coming years could come to Apple Watch smartwatches from generation 8 onwards.

Speaking of the upcoming Apple Watch 8 series of smartwatches and WatchOS 9 platforms can say that it is said that Apple will present as many as three Apple Watch 8 models in September.

The first will be a representative of the “usual Apple Watch 8”, the second will be Apple Watch SE, and the third (also the last will be) Apple Watch 8 Pro (so we called it because its name has not yet been confirmed).

We sincerely hope to get some more features and a possible look for all three Apple Watch 8 upcoming models in the future. Although we are of the opinion that they will not be too different in design from the current Apple Watch 7.







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