Friday, November 18, 2022

Tesla no longer supplies chargers with cars

Like some smartphone manufacturers


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Tesla charging adapters on home sockets will no longer be supplied with these cars but will need to be purchased separately. Musk says they have been used very little anyway.

The trend of removing the charger, ie the power adapter, from the packaging of new devices, began with Apple, claiming that it protects the environment, creates less electronic waste, and that most users already have adapters at home.

In the end, it turned out that with this move, Apple protected the most – its finances, because, allegedly, it saved billions by not delivering chargers with mobile phones.

This trend was very quickly “received” within the industry, so today it is rare to see that a new mobile phone, priced at a thousand dollars, comes with a charging adapter, worth about 20 bucks.


Tesla has now decided on a similar move, so with a car worth 30, 40, or 50 thousand dollars, a power cable worth 400 dollars will no longer come. From now on, buyers of electric cars of this brand will have to buy them separately, in case they need them for home charging.

Buyers, as expected, did not overreact to this announcement, especially since the mobile adapter was also dropped from cars already ordered and paid for. Musk then, encouraged by negative comments, announced that this charging adapter would be cheaper at $ 200 if ordered along with the car. As a separate addition, the cable was featured on Tesla’s webshop for $ 400 and is currently out of stock.







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