Thursday, May 25, 2023

Telegram offers enhancements for notifications

In a new update, Telegram announced that it will allow users to adjust any sound for notifications


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It was pointed out that users can use short audio files from their phone, as well as save voice messages as notification tones with conversations. The popular network points out that it currently supports audio files and voice messages under 300kb in size and less than five seconds long.

Sound can be assigned to specific conversations or entire groups of conversations by going to the Settings> Notifications and Sounds menu. If you do not currently have the sound you want to use, you can choose one of those offered in the Telegram Notification Sounds channel.

In addition to notification tones, the length of custom notification attenuations has also been improved. Prior to this, users could only mute notifications for an hour, eight hours or two days, while the new update offers more options.

Telegram has also received some changes depending on the operating system, so there are now improvements for translation within the application on iOS, which now has the same number of languages as the Android version.


The app allows you to resize the video player window in picture-in-picture mode for Android. There are also new animated emojis for food and more.

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