Tuesday, April 16, 2024


100th Firefox version is available

Somehow, Mozilla with its Firefox browser has a place in our hearts. It is simply the most serious competition to Google's extremely popular solution, as well as Microsoft's somewhat less popular solution. Honestly, it's...

How to delete browser history in last 24h (Android Edition)

Android users can easily delete everything they have viewed via an internet browser on their mobile devices. Whether you're using Google Chrome or another browser, the process is very simple. A large selection of...

Microsoft Edge records the best results ever

We all remember the many jokes that were made at the expense of Microsoft's previous browser, Internet Explorer. After that, Microsoft Edge appeared, and no one could have imagined that one day it would...

Microsoft Edge gets a mode that optimizes speed and performance

Microsoft Edge has gained a number of new features over the past few months that give the browser an edge over the competition. Now there is information about another feature that is under development,...
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