Tuesday, April 16, 2024


The first DDR5 memory with fans arrives

GeIL plans to become the first manufacturer to launch DDR5 memory modules with active cooling. https://twitter.com/VideoCardz/status/1527189685872754688 Although DDR5 memory is more efficient in terms of consumption compared to DDR4, this does not mean that high-speed DDR5...

New record in overclocking DDR5 memory

Recently, professional overclockers have started setting new records when it comes to DDR5 memory speeds, which go over 10,000 MHz. After the MSI team was recently the first to set a record in overclocking DDR5...

AMD wants to rule the DDR5 memory market

AMD's Raphael processors, based on the Zen 4 architecture, are expected later in the year and will support DDR5 memory. They are aimed at gamers, enthusiasts, and standard PC users and it is expected...

The Chinese manufacturer plans to produce DDR5 memory speeds over 10,000MHz

We know that the next generation of DDR5 memory will be fast, and how much that speed will be will depend on several factors. Currently, a large number of companies are working on the...
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