Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Spike Email – email client, chat and collaboration


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So far, there have been several attempts to transform the classic inbox from something more modern and more acceptable to younger generations. This is another attempt to transform email into a kind of messenger platform by offering some very interesting features…

The email has been around for over fifty years, and although some have announced her retirement on many occasions, communicating by sending emails doesn’t seem to be going anywhere yet. But email has its limitations and a good portion of users use their inbox as an organizer and to-do list.



Spike Email is an email client that wants to transform the inbox into a kind of messenger platform, offering a number of practical options. The key trick is that the inbox will look more or less like a classic conversation flow on a communication platform such as Whatsapp or an already chat application.


It is possible to perform those very typical e-mail actions, but you also get additional options such as canceling the sending of e-mails, setting the messages to be sent automatically later at a specified time, using the smart search with many additional filters, performing actions on multiple messages at once and more.

Of course, Spike Email emphasizes its organizational skills and is specially adapted to work in smaller or slightly larger teams, and really facilitates communication, but also the exchange of documents, organizing meetings, and the like. Anyway, this app will really change the way you look at classic email and make it more useful than it has ever been.

Spike Email
Spike Email

The good thing is that Spike Email Client works independently of the email service provider, and for personal email accounts it is completely free with certain limitations. Everyone else will have to pay a subscription depending on the desired features and the number of users (smaller or larger companies) which varies from $ 8 to $ 12 per month per email account.







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