Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Sony is forming a team to preserve old games


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The gaming industry is advancing and evolving, and new games are coming out every week. Unfortunately, in such a situation, a large number of older titles remain neglected, due to changes in technology and lack of support.

Fortunately, Sony has decided to get active in this field, so the company has created a new team focused on preserving the legacy of older games.

Game developer Gareth Fredley recently announced on Twitter that he has started his first day in a new job on the PlayStation team, working as part of a newly formed Preservation team.

Sony has not yet officially commented on the formation of this team, but Fredley points out that preserving the games is one of his first passions when it comes to his career and that he is very happy to be back to those roots.


Preserving games is an extremely important responsibility because it enables the history of the gaming industry and all games to be accessible and accessible in a certain way.

It is not yet known what Sony’s intentions are when it comes to the new team, but we know that the console manufacturer plans to redesign its PlayStation Plus service soon through original and legendary older games.







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