Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Sony has patented an AI that can play games for you


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Prior to the release of the PlayStation 5 console, Sony patented several artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, which mainly provide tips and guides during gameplay. Now another patent has appeared, this time for an AI function that can take control and play the game for the user.

The patent describes an AI that generates a gameplay profile for each player, drawing information from his gaming habits, gaming style, and other elements. Once enough data has been collected, AI can play the game for you in a similar way you would play it yourself.




The description in the patent suggests:

“The method involves tracking a multitude of gameplay of users playing a large number of games. The method involves generating a gaming user profile by adjusting the default game style based on a multitude of games, where the game user profile includes to play based on user profile playstyle “.

It’s an interesting idea and coincides with earlier ideas that Sony had, and includes offering advice to overcome various challenges in the game, or helping while finding secret areas to collect trophies and achievements.






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